We provide economic consulting and expert witness services all across the country. We work hard to deliver the best results to our clients. We provide useful economic analysis and reports, particularly pertaining to matters such as antitrust, business and civil disputes, financial markets, employment, and economic forecasting.



Our clients rely on us to help them develop a deep understanding of the most complex antitrust and competition issues. Our experts then apply the relevant economic concepts to those issues and then deliver an analysis based on solid evidence. We are often called upon to present these complex issues and make an analysis, and we have always delivered.

Business Disputes

Our expert economic consultants help businesses get through business disputes and investigations by presenting critical analysis and evidence where it is required. We provide a deep analysis of the economic loss to the party that was wronged and then help them take action accordingly.
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Financial Markets

As a consulting firm, we provide financial analysis and expert testimonies in commercial litigation as well as regulatory proceedings. We provide economist services in cases that involve financial markets, including cryptocurrency, bond, and stock markets.

Our experts provide detailed analysis and in-depth expertise in financial risk management and transactions, and developing strategies to manage the market.


We have experts working with labor and employment practices and provide detailed economic analysis on wrongful employment loss, personal injury, wrongful termination and employment discrimination. We address these critical situations, and then explain our results and findings, making use of clear and compelling language as well as using graphics.
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Social Media pieces

Social Media

We provide economic consulting services in situations where there has been misuse or wrongful use of social media. Clients have retained our services where, for example, a company sued someone for posting misleading content and remarks about the company and circulated it on social media.

False Ads

Our expert consultants also deal with cases that involve false advertising. We provide a detailed economic analysis and litigation support for false advertising. Our economists analyze all of the damage by making use of data-driven methods and the most effective analytical approaches.
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