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  • Litigation areas: employment (personal injury, wrongful death, wrongful termination), contract dispute, lost profits, competition & antitrust, cryptocurrencies, divorce.


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Scott Gilbert, Ph.D., is president of Gilbert Economics
  • Dr. Gilbert is a qualified expert witness, experienced in state and federal court cases including personal injury, wrongful death, divorce, contract dispute, lost profits, and competition law. Court venues include the midwest (Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota), and coast-to-coast -- including California, Mississippi, and West Virginia.
  • He is an academic research economist with banking sector experience.
  • For more information see his Curriculum Vitae, and listen to an interview.

Discount Rate

In legal cases of personal injury and wrongful death, economists apply a discount rate to lost future income, to get the present value of economic damages. Gilbert Economics uses current market rates to discount future income.


For expert witness and litigation support work we charge $360 per hour for research, consulting, report preparation, and testimony at deposition and trial. We do not charge for travel time or travel-related expenses in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, Tennessee or Wisconsin.

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Client List

Gilbert Economics provides litigation and loss claim support to law firms in Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City, and beyond. Recent clients include the following law firms or the parties they represent:

  • Adam B. Lawler Firm LLC
  • Alia DuMez & McTernan
  • Jeff Anderson & Associates PA
  • Becker, Schroader & Chapman, P.C.
  • Berger Schatz
  • Bishop, Diehl and Lee, Ltd.
  • Brown & Crouppen, P.C.
  • Bruce P. Clark and Associates
  • Carpenter Law Firm PLLC
  • Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley /li>
  • Carson & Coil, P.C.
  • Cook, Vetter, Doerhoff & Landwehr, P.C.
  • Law Offices of Kevin Dolley
  • Dowd & Dowd, Ltd.
  • Eclat Law, LLP
  • End, Hierseman & Crain, LLC
  • Gerling Law, Injury Attorneys
  • Gonsell, Borden, Enloe, Sloss & McCullough Ltd.
  • The Law Offices of Haytham Faraj
  • Hanrahan & Nacy, P.C.
  • The Harris Law Group PC
  • Hauser, Izzo, Petrarca, Gleason & Stillman, LLC
  • Law Offices of Richard Hein
  • Hughes Law Firm
  • Deborah S. Johnson, Attorney at Law
  • Kightlinger and Gray, LLP
  • Hauser, Izzo, Petrarca, Gleason & Stillman, LLC
  • Elizabeth A. Justice, Attorney at Law
  • Jared S. Kosoglad, P.C.
  • Lang & Donovan, PLLP
  • Lathrop & Gage LLP
  • Law Offices of Lawrence G. Leibforth
  • Loewenstein, Hagen & Smith, P.C.
  • Messer & Stilp, Ltd.
  • Law Offices of Daniel E. Murphy
  • Nichols Kaster, PLLP
  • Nicholls Law Offices
  • Ronald E. Osman & Associates, Ltd.
  • Noonan Perillo & Thut LTD.
  • Onder Shelton O'Leary \amp; Peterson LLC
  • Samuel W. Panos
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  • Law Offices of Rappaport & Herzberg
  • David K. Robinson, Attorney at Law
  • Schoone, Leuck, Kelley, Pitts & Pitts, S.C.
  • Schouest, Bamdas, Soshea & BenMaier PLLC
  • Schultz & Associates LLP
  • SmithAmundsen LLC
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